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It is commonly said that time flies when you enjoy what you are doing, and it is just the opposite when we are overcome by boredom or inactivity. The first case is certainly ours. With so much work, all the traveling and projects to continue in the innovation field of our beloved world of transport and logistics, we start this blog on our redesigned website.

We would like to mention one of the hallmarks of Simón Montolío & Cía, of which we are most proud: it is our family business. Our company is in its third decade of existence, we feel self-confidence about the innovative and fighting spirit that boosted Simón Montolío to start his business in Puerto Sagunto. And that spirit can only be pursued further by a family member, his sons, his successors.

The cause for this belief is far from an emotional reason, but it is rather based on the strengths of a family business, which ensure its continuity, being an advantage for a customer to have a partner who will always offer extra commitment, closeness and effort. Every time we represent a company as shipping agents or enter a ship in any of the Spanish and Portuguese Ports we are present, and take care of goods as logistics operators, our clients know that our service is beyond a simple contractual relationship. Our prestige depends on your full satisfaction, and it has a full name responding directly on the phone or e-mail, without any intermediary.

The family business in Spain

Considering his family idiosyncrasy, Simón Montolío & Cía. belongs to a group that represents 85% of the Spanish companies and generates 70% of GDP and private employment in Spain. These strong figures, provided by the Family Enterprise Institute, have placed us at the forefront of the international development. This percentage is down to 60% in the whole European Union; however its ability to provide employment is also meaningful: more than a 100 million of jobs. The United States, the genius country meant to give the impetus for the initiative of the individual, has very similar results compared to Spain. 80% of the companies are family businesses and more than a half of their employers carry out their careers there.

Besides these figures, other quality aspects of this Institute should be added, with which we feel fully identified. Those are quality, professionalism, and ongoing service and management innovation. But from our own experience we would like to add one more: international spirit; inherent in a sector in which we can’t consider either borders or insurmountable obstacles. Opening markets is the key to our mechanism for growth since our company was founded, and keeping it up is a part of our future plans. And we have already proved it, being pioneers in discovering the potential of the Eastern countries and showing interest for the river and railway transport in Europe.

Eventually, we would like to remind you of the statement we began this article with, and emphasize it. The real family business is that in which the general continuity is a part of its strategist goals. From Simón Montolío & Cía, we are sure that the management and ownership of the company must remain in the hands of its successors, as no other feels this company as much as his own or knows the best ways to keep it growing. Nowadays the work carried out by Sergio and Ignacio Montolío, particularly difficult, guarantees our name and future. And we really feel proud of it.


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